Hello! My name is Olga.

I am an enthusiastic and creative web-developer with hands-on skills and a passion to make a virtual environment more ergonomic. I aspire to combine different ideas, perspectives, and technologies to make the most customer-focused product.


  • javascript

  • react

  • jquery

  • firebase

  • api

  • sass & css

  • accessibility

  • npm

  • git

  • responsive design

  • team work

  • debugging



Select a genre of a movie you want to watch. The randomly generated movie, using TMDb API, has a trailer link and a link to similar movies.


Solo or Multiplayer trivia game with randomly generated questions from API. Each player has a unique avatar with game progress information. that is stored in Firebase.

cities to visit

Users are able to enjoy photos of the most beautiful cities from Unsplash API. If users want to visit a city later - they can add it to the list, which is stored in Firebase.

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